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Are you wondering how to forward Safaricom calls? Have you recently changed your Safaricom phone number and want calls made to your previous number forwarded to the new one? perhaps you want your calls forwarded to voicemail when you don’t answer or when you’re unreachable? Here’s how.

Safaricom has a simple way that subscribers can use to forward or divert incoming calls. The process can be achieved by using simple USSD shortcodes.

How to forward Safaricom calls to voicemail

  1. When you want to divert calls when you are on another call to voicemail, dial **61*0722122122# or **61*0722188188# or **67*0722122122# or **67*0722188188#
  2. on your Safaricom line.
    • To check whether you have call forwarding on, dial *#67# or *#61#
  3. To divert calls when you are not reachable to voicemail, dial **62*0722122122# or **62*0722188188# 
    • You can check the status by dialing *#62#

How to divert Safaricom calls to a new number

  • To divert all incoming calls, on the old number dial **21*new number#, for example, **21*0712345678#.
    • You can check the current status by calling *#21#.
  • To forward calls you do not want to receive, dial **61*new number#, for example,  **61*0712345678#. 
    • You can check the current status by calling *#61#.
  • To divert incoming calls only when your primary phone is off, dial **62*new number#, for example, **62*0712345678#. 
    • You can check the current status by calling *#62#.
  • To divert incoming calls only if your primary phone is busy, dial **67*new number#” for example, **67*0712345678#.
    • You can check the current status by calling *#67#.
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If you have a smartphone, I’m assuming most of us do, here is a different way you can set up call forwarding.

  1. Open the Phone App (I’m using the Google Phone App)
  2. Select ‘calling accounts
  3. Select ‘Advanced Settings
  4. Click on Call Forwarding
  5. Select the Simcard you want to edit.
  6. Edit Accordingly to the number you want to forward to
    • For Voicemail use 0722122122 or 0722188188

How to Disable Call forwarding on Safaricom

  • Dial ##002# to clear the services.

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