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How To Get Your HELB Compliance Certificate Online

You can get your Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) compliance certificate online fast in a few simple steps free of charge.

If you are up to date with your loan repayment or you have never benefited from the HELB loan, you can apply for HELB Compliance Certificate from the HELB Portal or e-Citizen Portal.

Loanee HELB Compliance Certificate

This Certificate is issued to the beneficiaries of the HELB loan who are up to date with their loan repayment. It is also issued to the beneficiaries who are still within the repayment grace period. Once a beneficiary has completed repaying the loan, he/she is issued a Certificate of Clearance. This service is not charged.

Non-Loanee HELB Compliance Certificate

If you did not benefit from the HELB loan, you can apply for the Non-loanee Compliance Certificate from the HELB Portal or e-Citizen Portal. This service is not charged.


To get your HELB compliance certificate you must first register your account at the HELB Portal. Once your account is ready proceed as follows;

  • Access the HELB portal by using the link;
  • Enter your Email address and password, then click ‘Login’.
  • Once logged in, check on your dashboard and click on ‘Get certificate’ under the Compliance Certificate.
  • In the next window, print your certificate by clicking on the tab shown below;
  • Below is a sample of the HELB Compliance Certificate;

You can also get the certificate via the E-Citizen portal. The service is equally available at any Huduma Centre near you.

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