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Twitter recently reopened verification requests joining Instagram and Facebook. If you’re verified on these you might also want to get verified on Telegram to complete the set. As on any other social media platform, users can apply to get the coveted blue checkmark on their Telegram channels, groups, or bots.

According to the Telegram team, your active official channelsbots, or public groups will be automatically verified if when applying you also have verified accounts on at least two of these services:

  1. TikTok
  2. Instagram
  3. Facebook
  4. YouTube
  5. Twitter
  6. VK
  7. Snapchat

Steps to get verified on Telegram

  1. To get verified, you have to add a link to your Telegram channel on your profiles on these services.
  2. Contact @VerifyBot for verification.
  3. Select the services where you have a verified account and wait for verification

If you want to get verified but don’t have two verified services, Telegram says If you have an undisputed page on Wikipedia, that satisfies Wikipedia’s Notability Guidelines – and that page lists a link to your channel, bot, or public group on Telegram – it can be counted as one of the missing verified accounts.

In the case of organizations, a link to the Telegram channel from the official website of the organization may also be taken into account. The bot will offer to submit additional data and comments after checking the social media links.

How to get my Telegram user account verified

Telegram doesn’t verify user accounts at the moment. Verification is only available for big and active official channels, groups, and bots.

Verification doesn’t give any additional abilities in Telegram – it is simply one of the ways to demonstrate that your channel, group, or bot is official. A link to Telegram on your official site or other official accounts elsewhere can achieve a similar result.

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