jailbreak ps5

The PlayStation 5 now has a fully working jailbreak between firmware v3.00 and v4.51. If your PS5 runs any version between these, you can jailbreak it with a kernel exploit.

What is a Jailbreak?

In simple terms, a jailbreak removes software restrictions imposed by a device’s manufacturer. In the context of the PS5, this could potentially allow users to:

  • Run unauthorized software (homebrew)
  • Access and modify system files
  • Install pirated games

How to Jailbreak your PS5

  1. Make sure your PS5 is not connected to the internet (temporarily)
  2. Disable system software updates
  3. Re-enable your internet connection
  4. Open the web browser on the PS5 (check this guide if you don’t know how)
  5. go to es7in1.site
  6. select idle sauce
  7. click on Jailbreak
  8. click on etaHEN (enable homebrew)

Change DNS settings

This helps stop updates.

  1. Head over to your advanced settings on your PS5
  2. Change DNS settings to manual
  3. change your primary DNS to
  4. change your secondary DNS to
  5. Restart your PS5

Please Note that this is meant for educational purposes only

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