how to make money online in kenya

Are you wondering how to make money online in Kenya by doing short tasks and reviews? Late last year, Techspace Africa reported that Google was testing a new paid crowdsourcing app, called Task Mate in Kenya. The app which is available on the Playstore will reward users for completing small tasks. But instead of Play Store credits, Task Mate promises to pay users in their local currency (KES).

The Task Mate app has been in Early Access, and “limited to selected testers” through a referral system. I joined the waitlist and finally got the chance to test the app.

How to Make Money Online in Kenya With Google Task Mate

Task Mate divides tasks into two categories: sitting tasks such as recording sentences, and field tasks such as taking photographs. You’ll be paid in your local currency once reviewers approve your completed task.

With access to the app, one can complete a number of different tasks that are shared by businesses from different parts of the world.

  1. Bronze – You start out on the bronze level, here, you only have basic access to basic sitting tasks. Google says high accuracy will give you a better rating after review and get you promoted to the next level.
  2. Silver – To get to this level, you need to complete 20 tasks and get paid for them with a 4-star accuracy rating. Here alongside the basic tasks, you unlock field tasks and review other people’s work.
  3. Gold – We’re in the top tier levels now, to get Gold, you need to have completed 500 tasks and got paid with a 5-star accuracy rating. Here you get all earlier unlocked tasks in the previous levels and even higher reward tasks.
  4. Platinum – This is the highest level you can reach, to get platinum you need to have completed 1000 tasks and got paid with a 5-star accuracy. Here, you unlock the highest task limit possible and the ability to invite other people.
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The field and sitting tasks include taking pictures of nearby restaurants, translating sentences from English to a regional language, taking up surveys, and others. People can also choose to take up those tasks that they are interested in. One can also choose to skip certain tasks. Additionally, the app allows users to complete tasks from anywhere and at any time.

How Much Does Google Task Mate Pay You

So far in the bronze level, Google Task Mate pays you sh20 for a 1-minute task (the easiest level) so I reckon the pay is decent as you progress. You can link your M-Pesa account with the minimum withdrawal limit set as Sh100 only.

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