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In a move shaking up artist promotion and creator monetization, TikTok has introduced “Work with Artists” in Kenya within its Creator Next program. Here is how to Make Money with TikTok’s “Work with Artist” Feature in Kenya

Direct Collaboration and Performance-Based Earnings:

  • Connecting Creators and Artists: “Work with Artists” fosters direct connections within the app, allowing creators to choose “paid music tasks” involving specific songs from artists.
  • Earning Through Engagement: Creators have the potential to earn money based on video performance. The more likes, shares, and views a video receives, the higher the payout.

A Showcase for Emerging Talent:

  • Artist Promotion: Artists can set a budget for a campaign, essentially paying creators to generate content using their music. This targeted approach allows them to reach new audiences in a cost-effective way.
  • Spotlight on Up-and-Coming Creators: According to reports, TikTok is focusing on smaller creators in this initial phase. This provides a valuable platform for emerging artists and creators to gain exposure and build their followings.

Example in Action:

A recent Twitter post by Jonah Manzano showcased a “Work with Artists” campaign. Artist duo Garrett Kato & Elina offered a $120 reward to the creator with the most likes for their track “Never Alone” within five days. This example demonstrates the potential earning structure for creators in the program.

Transparency and Streamlined Communication:

  • Clear Campaign Details: Artists set the budget and campaign duration upfront, providing creators with clear expectations.
  • Reduced Outreach Time: The feature streamlines communication, allowing artists to directly connect with potential collaborators within TikTok.

As a TikTok spokesperson told Music Ally, the platform is “constantly testing new ways to bring value to our community.” “Work with Artists” appears to address this goal by offering opportunities for both creators and artists to benefit.

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While the long-term impact remains to be seen, “Work with Artists” is a promising development for fostering collaboration and monetization within the TikTok creator community. Its focus on smaller creators and transparent communication offers exciting possibilities for emerging artists and creators to gain traction on the platform.

Additional Notes:

  • The program is currently in a testing phase within the Creator Next program.
  • Unlike established stars who command high fees per post, this feature caters to a different segment of creators and artists.

With its innovative approach, “Work with Artists” has the potential to shake up the game for both aspiring creators and artists on TikTok

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