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Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) and Safaricom, the leading telecommunications company in Kenya, have announced a partnership that will benefit students in receiving their student loans directly to their M-PESA accounts. The partnership involves the launch of the HELB Mobile Wallet and HELB M-PESA Mini App, which will empower all HELB beneficiaries to access and manage their accounts seamlessly.

1. What is the HELB Mobile Wallet?

The HELB Mobile Wallet is a new service that will enable students to receive the upkeep portion of their student loans directly to their M-PESA account. The service is part of the partnership between HELB and Safaricom, aimed at empowering students and enhancing their experience when accessing funds and services.

To register for the HELB Mobile Wallet, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Dial *642# on your mobile phone
  2. Select option 3: HELB Services
  3. Select option 1: HELB Mobile Wallet
  4. Enter your HELB account number
  5. Enter your M-PESA phone number
  6. Confirm your details

2. What is the HELB M-PESA Mini App?

The HELB M-PESA Mini App is a mobile application that will enable all HELB beneficiaries to manage their accounts using their Android or iPhone device. The app allows beneficiaries to access their HELB upkeep, withdraw funds, repay loans, apply for subsequent loans, view their loan status, and access their statements.

3. How to access the HELB Mini App?

All M-PESA customers can access the HELB Mini App under the “Services” section on the M-PESA Super App. Beneficiaries who have already registered their mobile phone numbers with HELB will then key in their phone number upon which they will receive a code to activate the Mini App and set a PIN for subsequent access. Beneficiaries yet to register their mobile number with HELB will need to key in a phone number registered to the same National ID linked to their HELB account to connect their numbers and activate the Mini App.

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4. How to receive HELB to M-PESA?

All beneficiaries will have the option to receive the upkeep portion of the HELB loan through M-PESA or the mobile wallet, starting with first-year students making their first application. This option will gradually be rolled out to existing HELB beneficiaries in their second and later years of studies, allowing them to switch to receiving their upkeep on the mobile wallet.

5. What are the benefits of receiving HELB to M-PESA?

Receiving HELB to M-PESA has several benefits, including:

  • Convenient and fast disbursement of funds
  • Secure transfer of funds
  • Easy management of accounts through the HELB Mini App
  • Ability to access HELB funds and services using feature phones, Android or iPhone devices

6. What other mobile money services will be integrated into the HELB Mobile Wallet?

Safaricom and HELB are also working to integrate other mobile money services besides M-PESA into the wallet, enabling students to receive funds through those services. The feature will be deployed in the coming months.

7. How to apply for subsequent loans using the HELB Mini App?

The HELB Mini App allows beneficiaries to apply for subsequent loans, view their loan status, and access their statements. To apply for subsequent loans, beneficiaries should log in to the app using their registered mobile number and PIN, then navigate to the “Apply for Loan” section and follow the prompts.

8. How to withdraw funds using the HELB Mini App?

Beneficiaries can withdraw funds from their HELB account using the HELB Mini App. To do this, log in to the app using your registered mobile number and PIN, navigate to the “Withdraw” section, and follow the prompts.

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