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Struggling to remember the name of a song stuck in your head? YouTube Music has come to the rescue with a brand new “hum to search” feature for Android users. This innovative tool is like having a built-in song detective in your pocket!

How to Search for Songs on YouTube Music by Humming

  1. Fire Up YouTube Music: Open the app on your Android device.
  2. Tap the Search Bar: Locate the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner and tap it.
  3. Find the Waveform Icon: Look for a new waveform icon next to the microphone icon (used for voice search). This is your key to humming happiness! Tap it.
  4. Hum, Sing, or Whistle Away: The app is ready for your musical input! Hum, sing, or even whistle the melody of the song you’re trying to identify.
  5. Let the AI Work Its Magic: YouTube Music’s advanced AI will analyze your audio and compare it to its massive library of music.
  6. Unveil the Mystery Song: If there’s a match, you’ll see the song’s details, allowing you to play it or save it to your library.

While the concept of identifying songs through humming isn’t entirely new (think Google Assistant), YouTube Music’s integration makes it faster and more convenient. Tests have shown impressive accuracy, even with humming or whistling attempts. It’s shaping up to be a strong competitor to existing music identification apps like Shazam.

This exciting feature is currently rolling out to Android users. If you don’t see it yet, keep your YouTube Music app updated for the latest version.

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YouTube Music’s hum-to-search feature is a fun and innovative way to rediscover forgotten favorites or identify those catchy tunes that pop into your head unexpectedly. It’s a prime example of how AI is constantly evolving to enhance our musical experiences. So next time a melody gets stuck in your head, don’t you fret – just hum it into your Android and let YouTube Music be your musical matchmaker!

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