How to Spend Bill Gates Money

Bill Gates is among the richest men in the world, he is actually one of only three people in the world with a net worth exceeding $100 billion. Interestingly you can spend Bill Gates Money, which is about $129 billion or Sh14 trillion in local currency according to Google.

How To Spend Bill Gates’ Money

What would you do if you woke up $129 billion richer? Would you grab the new Playstation 5 first? Would you become a philanthropist? Maybe travel the whole world?  what about buying all the Bitcoin you could possibly get your hands on? Or maybe just buy an island?

Well, I was bored earlier and while scrolling the internet I came across a way to spend Bill Gates‘ money, a web-app by a company called Neal.fun made by Neal Agarwal that lets you buy and sell a bunch of different things using the Microsoft co-founder’s cash, not really as this is just an online simulation shopping game.

The web app gives you Sh10 trillion to spend, (yes, don’t be greedy, let the man keep his Sh4 trillion). There’s a variety of crazy things you can buy and try to deplete the finances. You can opt to go simple and buy a couple of flip-flops at $3 each or become extravagant and buy a cruise ship fo $930,000,000 or an NBA team for $2,120,000,000, there are no limits.

So you might be saying, just buy the NBA team, a couple of NBA teams even, the mans cash will be depleted in no time. But here is the catch, You aren’t even taking into consideration the investment returns that those teams could make back over time, It is almost impossible to dent Bill Gates’ Finances.

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How would you spend Bill Gates’ money? To see how much Bill Gates can buy (it might make you sad) Go here.


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