Safaricom has an aggressive pop-up notification that is not only annoying but also quite destructive as it comes on at exactly midnight and keeps the screen on until dismissed, thus draining your battery life massively if it happens to pop up while you’re sleeping.

Over the years, Safaricom users continue to complain over the annoying notification that is activated once you opt-in for the telcos data manager.

Scouring the internet, I found two ways you can stop the pop-up from appearing on your smartphone.

How To Stop Safaricom No Active Data Bundle Notification via Safaricom Data Manager

  1. Open your phone app and dial *544#.
  2. Tap on Option 4: Data (NO EXPIRY).
  3. Tap on Option 5: My Data Manager.
  4. Choose Option 2: Don’t Browse without a data bundle.
  5. Reply with 2 to Deactivate the Manager.

This will stop the pop-up from ever showing on your phone, however, using this method means that when you run out of data bundles, you will continue to browse using your airtime.

Alternatively you could make sure you have a little amount of data always on your device.

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