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Spotify is just a few months old in the country, if you’re like me who was using Deezer and already had playlists on the platform, you might have been wondering what the easiest way to move playlists is, well without restarting all over again.

After going through a few dozen apps that loaded up to 99pc and asked for my credit card details, I found a web service that works, it’s dubbed MOOVAL[MOVE ALL]

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With MOOVAL you can easily move your personal data (playlists, tracks, and likes) from one streaming service to another. Depending on how many playlists, tracks, and likes you want to move the migration can take a few minutes – this is also affected by request limitations from some streaming services and our server load.

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How to Copy Playlists From Deezer to Spotify For Free

  1. head over to MOOVAL and click on Connect to the import- and export service
  2. Connect  your Deezer account as the source for export and Spotify as the import
  3. MOOVAL analyzes your data and offers you a smart result list – select the playlists & likes you want to move
  4. Press “Move” to transfer your data and that’s it.

I moved over 20 playlists in just a few minutes and all my music synced were correct, however, the platform says some MOOVALS work better than others. “We are not able to look up the IRSC number (which works as a digital ID for music tracks like the German ISBN for books) for every service, we have to rely on the artist and title tags of each track – which sometimes leads to ambiguous matches.”

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Furthermore, please notice that naturally the available music catalogue of the streaming services are not entirely identical.

MOOVAL supports these platforms;

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