tune your guitar using google search

Need an online guitar tuner? Did you know you can tune your guitar using Google Search? You can also tune any other instrument like your violin using the recently unveiled feature.

How to Tune Your Guitar Using Google Search

  1. Head over to google.com
  2. Simply type “google tuner” into the search box
  3. You will then be presented with a chromatic tuner that tells you how close you are to the right pitch.
  4. It works on both desktop and mobile devices.

I don’t know much about instruments, but for most people, it seems to be getting the job done.

For some weird reason, queries like “tune my guitar” or “guitar tuner” don’t work. Same for tuning a violin, carrot flute, or whathaveyou. C’mon Google.

The feature uses your microphone to detect sound so It’s worth noting that the accuracy of the tuning will likely depend on the quality of your device’s microphone.

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