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Can you upload high-quality videos to Tiktok? Tiktok has blown up over the past few years, both for creators and content consumers. As a content creator, I have noticed there is a significant difference in quality between my videos and other creators and sought to find out where I was going wrong.

Despite shooting in 4k 60 FPS, My videos were still not as crisp and Tiktok would seemingly make my videos worse after uploading. Furthermore, on Android, the App won’t let me upload the video in 4K.

How to Upload high-quality Videos to Tiktok

Although my videos are not as super clean as other creators, the quality has improved since following these steps.

  1. Upload in 1080P – After shooting your video in 4K, resize your 4K video to 1080p before uploading it to TikTok. This is because the maximum resolution available for TikTok uploads is 1080p, so if you upload a 4K video (it won’t let you on Android), it will still drop to 1080p, and manually converting will give you better video quality than the one in the native app.
  2. Edit your Videos – While editing your videos, Make sure your videos are in the correct recommended resolutions, (videos shot on the Tiktok app automatically have the recommended specifications set by the platform’s developers.)
  3. Toggle the HD Setting On – While uploading your video, toggle the ‘Allow high-quality uploads’ to on

How to find the High-Quality Uploads toggle on Tiktok

When I first started uploading on the Tiktok app I couldn’t find the upload high-quality videos toggle. If you also can’t just upload a few videos and record a video on the Tiktok app and voila the option will be available for you.

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If the option is still not available, try looking under More Options on the upload screen.

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