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iPhone users generally don’t need to use Google Assistant, you already have Siri which works pretty well, and let’s face it, you probably don’t need Google apps because of data privacy and security. However, for those who still want Google Assistant on your iOS devices, this one is for you.

Compared to the Google Assistant, (quote me on this) Siri is the neighbor whose parents keep asking ‘why can’t you be like so and so’. Apple’s virtual assistant does not even come close in terms of flexibility, responsiveness, or knowledge to Google’s.

I could go on pitting the two virtual assistants against each other but that’s not why you are here. Here’s how to easily use Google Assistant on iOS.

First, you need to have the Google Assistant app installed on your iOS device, duh!

Second, open the Shortcuts app on your device and create a new, well, shortcut. Third, add the “Dictate text” feature. If you haven’t already enabled it, your device will provide you with a tutorial to turn dictation on.

Fourth, all you need to do is list Google Assistant to the chain and then select the ‘Dictated Text’ option on the ‘question’ section.

You should have something that looks like this:

Lastly, select an easy way to launch Google Assistant on your iOS device, this can simply be done by assigning the shortcut you have created to something like the Back Tap feature.

Now all you have to do is tap your iPhone and talk to Google Assistant. Hope this helps!

Source: Reddit user TheRavenSayeth

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