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A more clear report on the smartphone market showed that it grew by 13.2% with Samsung in the lead with 59 million shipments ahead of Xiaomi’s 53.1 million and Apple which had 44.2 million.

Xiaomi posted an impressive 86.6% yearly growth as it and other Chinese rivals aim to fill the void left by Huawei.

OPPO with its 32.8 million shipments and vivo with 31.6 million round out the top five largest companies while the rest of the market contributed 92.4 million units. The combined shipments volume affirmed the rebound in smartphone sales compared to 2020.

Company Q2 2021 Shipments
(in million)
Q2 2021
Market share
Q2 2020 Shipments
(in million)
Q2 2020
Market share
Yearly change
Samsung 59.0 18.8% 54.0 19.5% +9.3%
Xiaomi 53.1 16.9% 28.5 10.3% +86.6%
Apple 44.2 14.1% 37.6 13.6% +17.8%
Oppo 32.8 10.5% 24.0 8.7% +37.0%
vivo 31.6 10.1% 23.7 8.6% +33.7%
Others 92.4 29.5% 109.0 39.4% -15.2%
Total 313.2 100% 276.6 100% +13.2%

According to the report, China was the only region that saw negative growth over the last three months due to no new flagship launches and the continued demand for Huawei phones.

Smartphone shipments in mainland China plunged by 17% in the second quarter from a year earlier to 74.9 million units, underscoring how the country’s biggest brands increasingly need to look abroad for growth and come up with new features as the market for 5G models slows.

Generally, the smartphone market was more fortunate than the PC, automotive, and display industries in terms of supply chain limits despite the ongoing pandemic and semiconductor shortages.

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IDC predicts an even larger increase in shipments for the Chinese brands which will eventually cut into Samsung and Apple’s dominance.


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