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IFROGX Shares the way to be a brilliant TikTok Live Streamer

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Media OutReach – 19 October 2022 – Ms. Mook who training and Operations Manager of IFROGX’s official association, gave a speech on excellent live streamer training at a TikTok Live anchor training session in Bangkok, Thailand. Currently, TikTok Live is an entirely new market in Thailand. This speech is being conducted simultaneously on multiple channels around the world. During the speech, Ms. Mook points to several suggestions for success in the TIKTOK broadcasting industry.

Number One. Be good at expressing yourself on the air. It takes character to attract fans. Live broadcast is the art of communication, full communication to enhance the impression of the audience. Live style can be diversified. IFROGX, as the official association of Internet celebrities, has a unique vision of finding new talent, where those with excellent expression of the anchor is undoubtedly a greater potential.

The second key point is to increase the interaction with the fans, which will increase their sense of participation. Some of the common interactive tricks that fresh can try. Such small details are often the best way to endear themselves to fans and make them feel respected. IFROGX will help to know that the content requirements of the fans can provide the streamers with new topics and creative direction. Positive interaction can increase the atmosphere of the live broadcast room, and even attract more attention.

The third is to understand the platform requirements and specifications. Many new streamers will not understand the platform requirements, thus they may accidentally reach the platform’s popularity threshold and eventually be restricted. Long term can only be achieved by doing proper study and making the rules clear. In order for internet streamers to properly understand the platform rules, IFROGX and other official guilds will remind them about standards.

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In short, there are three points mentioned by Ms. Mook – IFROGX which would help to become a brilliant TikTok Live Streamer, which is 1) be good at expression, 2) enhance your interaction skills, 3) understand the norms and strive to produce more excellent work.

Headquartered in Singapore, IFROGX is a global distribution of cultural media group and the first official Tiktok Association in Thailand. It is responsible for the discovery and cultivation of TikTok streamers in Thailand and has produced a large number of excellent streamers.

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