In Pictures: Folding iPhone Confirmed, All Prototypes and Renders

folding iphone

According to a report by a Taiwanese magazine, foldable iPhone prototypes have passed internal tests for durability.

The two prototypes were allegedly being tested in Foxconn’s factory in Shenzhen, China. The report says that one of the devices has a dual-screen while the other one has a clamshell design just like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip or Moto Razr.

Rumors also state that the second prototype will use Samsung’s flexible OLED display.

With all the hype and rumour making rounds on the interwebs, we have compiled some of the fan renders of the iPhone foldables on the internet.


iPhone X Fold concept

iPhone X Fold concept WWW.FOLDABLE.NEWS

Folding iPhone concept


Stunning iPhone 12 Flip video reveals the foldable phone of the future | Tom's Guide


foldable iPhone concept feature


foldable iPhone Archives | Gadgets Africa


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