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Innolux to Showcase High-Value, Cross-Domain, Sustainable Products and Technologies at SID Display Week 2023

MIAOLI, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 22 May 2023 – Innolux is set to attend the SID Display Week 2023 (Booth# 313) in Los Angeles from May 23 to 25, 2023. With the theme of “Make for Your Life,” Innolux will exhibit a series of display technology applications in smart living in the post-pandemic era.

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Innolux’s Three Leading Products for the Outdoors and a Sustainable Lifestyle

Innolux’s 28-inch flexible ACeP (Advanced Color ePaper) Module is the world’s first of its kind with high readability, lightweight and low-power consumption features, making it a sustainable product. Innolux unveiled its “Outdoor EV Compound Charging Station,” the world’s first-ever charging piles utilizing ePaper applications with access to services and marketing content. Innolux’s industry-leading high-brightness “23.8-inch WTSR Display” has patented backlight modules paired with wide-temperature high-penetration TFT-LCD, making it able to operate under difficult settings including outdoor conditions.

With First-Of-Its-Kind in the Industry and Around the World Automotive Displays, Innolux’s Subsidiary CarUX is a Pioneer in the Era of Smart Mobility

CarUX, an Innolux subsidiary, is leading the industry in seeking innovation and breakthroughs in the high-end display technologies and technologies for large, curved, and free-shape displays. Innolux’s “Integrated automotive LID”, the world’s first-ever single-piece large curved display, is a one-piece front-seat display that maximizes information display. CarUX’s industry’s one-of-a-kind, high-resolution “Cinema Display for rear seat” is a total solution entering mass production at the supply chain of international car makers.

Innolux’s Next-Generation AR/VR Products Take Digital Life to a New Level

Equipped with industry-leading 4K ultra-high resolution, Innolux’s ” 2117ppi Low Power 4K VR LCD Technology” enables users to explore optimized views with superior clarity and enjoy realistic, immersive experiences. The “1.57-inch AR Dynamic LC Dimmer” introduces dynamic light adjustment technology in AR devices to enable a more immersive AR experience.

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Digital Arts Solutions Forge a Sustainable Smart City Lifestyle

Innolux will showcase its diverse 13.3-inch to 31.5-inch digital gallery display solutions, including the “N3D Digital Photo Frame,” “23.8-inch and 31.5-inch Inno-Gallery Displays,” “ N3D Digital Art Display,” “Kirameki Display” and more. Innolux will pave the way for modern art toward new digital technology.

Video featuring Innolux’s SID products:

(1) Innolux SID 2023, Make For Your Life – Breakthrough Technologies:

(2) Innolux SID 2023, Make For Your Life – Smart Transportation:

(3) Innolux SID 2023, Make For Your Life – Smart Retail:

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