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Kenya has recently made a significant stride in the digital world with the inauguration of a new Interconnection Hub. This advancement is the outcome of a strategic collaboration between the globally recognized London Internet Exchange (LINX) and Nairobi’s leading hyperscale data center provider, IXAfrica.

A Powerful Alliance: LINX and IXAfrica

LINX, founded in 1994, is a worldwide frontrunner in the interconnection market. Its technical proficiency and international success will further enhance East Africa’s already thriving interconnection ecosystem. IXAfrica is the region’s largest and most technologically sophisticated digital hub for cloud, colocation, and connectivity.

Guy Willner, the Chair and Co-Founder of IXAfrica, expressed his enthusiasm about partnering with LINX to construct the new interconnection hub in East Africa. He is confident that LINX’s outstanding reputation and extensive experience will bring immense value to Africa and help enhance interconnection across the entire region.

The newly launched hub, known as LINX Nairobi, will equip the region with advanced interconnection solutions for global networks. It is designed to scale in line with the rapidly expanding digital landscape in Kenya.

Nurani Nimpuno, the Head of Global Engagement for LINX, stated that Kenya is a crucial location for East African connectivity. She is excited to collaborate with IXAfrica to further develop interconnection services for networks across the region.

The Digital Future of Kenya

Frost & Sullivan’s Digital Market Overview for Kenya forecasts substantial growth for the local telecommunications sector. It anticipates that the digital services market will nearly double in 2022 alone, with Fintech and cloud computing services becoming increasingly significant.

Kenya is strategically positioned to serve all of East Africa with its rapidly expanding fiber connectivity. It boasts a well-connected submarine cable network with pathways to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

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The inauguration of the new Interconnection Hub in Kenya signifies a major milestone in the country’s journey towards digital transformation. It presents incredible opportunities for the country, enabling it to cater to the millions of users in the East Africa region. As LINX and IXAfrica continue their close collaboration to plan the project’s next steps, the future of digital connectivity in East Africa appears promising.

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