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I dislike watching TV shows that rely on characters making dumb decisions to drive the plot. Inside Man is quite literally built on a dumb decision after a misfortunate turn of events.

“Everyone is a murderer; all it takes is a good reason and a bad day.”

I binged the four-part black comedy drama over the weekend, it is a show about Jefferson Grieff (Stanley Tucci), a criminologist on death row in Texas who runs some kind of detective agency while awaiting execution for reasons best known to the writers.

The premise is okay, we follow the story of an Anglican vicar (David Tennant) making decisions so needlessly stupid your brain hurts, what is meant to build the short show ultimately just destroys the plot. Why do I say this? You are supposed to take a side, the vicar, he’s one of the protagonists of this show, however, his dumb decision-making from the very first scene he is in just drives you to not root for the guy.

The show tries to ride the ‘what would make would a good man commit murder?’, the vicar, I think his name was Harry finds himself in a life or death situation which he keeps saying is unavoidable, but which I, if I was Harry, could have avoided so easily.

I was so upset by every turn of events, but since I don’t want to spoil the show. I’ll just say I wasn’t thrilled! just cussed at the cast the whole time.

If you are looking for four hours of very good acting but absolutely nothing else this is the show for you. If you are looking for an airtight plot with believable character choices, it might be best to look elsewhere.

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