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Instagram has announced new updates for its Notes feature, which was made public in December 2022. The latest additions include support for music integration and translations, allowing users to further express themselves through music and easily translate Notes.

Music Integration

Previously limited to short text and emojis, Notes now enables users to incorporate a 30-second clip of a song, accompanied by a caption. This update adds a creative element to users’ profiles.

The addition of music to Notes provides users with an avenue to share their moods, feelings, and musical preferences. By attaching a brief song clip, individuals can express themselves in a personalized way. Alongside the shared clip, users can also include a caption to convey their thoughts and emotions more explicitly.

Translation Feature

In addition to the introduction of music, Instagram Notes now includes a translation feature. Users can easily translate a Note by tapping on it. By simply selecting the “See translation” link displayed below a Note written in a different language, users can instantly view the translation in their own preferred language. This new functionality aligns with Instagram’s existing support for translations in other areas of the app, such as post descriptions, comments, and Reels. It aims to facilitate seamless communication and understanding among users, even when language barriers exist.


During testing before its official launch, Notes was positively received by users, providing a lighthearted way to initiate conversations with friends. Similar to Twitter’s “what’s happening?” prompt, Instagram Notes encourages users to “Share a thought…” and compose a Note with up to 60 characters of text or emoji. These Notes then appear at the top of friends’ inboxes for 24 hours, while replies to Notes are received through DMs (Direct Messages).

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The new features of Instagram Notes will be gradually rolled out today to users worldwide. However, as large-scale updates can take time to reach all users, some individuals may not immediately see the changes reflected in their app.

How to Use the New Features

To use the new music integration feature, simply open the Notes composer and tap on the music note icon. You can then search for a song and select a 30-second clip to add to your Note. To use the translation feature, simply tap on the “See translation” link below a Note written in a different language.


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