After weeks of public testing, Instagram has officially launched a new feature called Remix, which offers a way to record your Instagram Reels video alongside a video from another Instagram user.

The option is similar to TikTok’s existing Duets feature, which also lets users interact with another person’s video or react to content while creating their own.

The new feature will only work with newly uploaded Reels, if you want your older Reels to be remixed, you either need to reupload them or go back and specifically enable Remix on the video.

How to use the Instagram Remix feature,

  1. tap on the three-dot menu on a Reel and select the new “Remix this Reel” option.
  2. The screen will then split into the original Reel and your own new one, where you can begin to record side-by-side with the original.
  3. You can then tweak the volume or your audio, add a voiceover etc.
  4. Press publish to make the video live.
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