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Interswitch Group, an Electronic payment company has inked a deal with K-Unity Sacco to provide more than 100,000 people with secure digital payment solutions.

Interswitch has integrated its mass payment platform Autopay with the Sacco’s mobile app, Unicash while K-Unity will get to use their Autopay web portal.

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“Effectively, K-Unity Sacco members are able to disburse payments to different accounts and mobile wallets. Members who are also SMEs and small businesses will be able to make payments on the web portal,” said Interswitch Group country manager Romana Rajput.

The tech firm has at the same time automated the sacco’s manual payment process in a bid to enable members initiate, review, authorise and monitor payment processes digitally.

“All sacco members will thus be able to disburse mass payments through Autopay to different bank accounts and mobile money wallets any day including weekends and holidays any time (24/7),” said K-Unity’s chief executive officer Simon Njenga.

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Members of the sacco which has an asset base of over Sh4 billion will enjoy one-off or recurring direct credit multiple payments to vendors, contractors, suppliers and staff, across multiple banks in a timely and cost-effective manner.

“Our members from all across the country whom we also provide other business lines in property and insurance will be able to make mass payments to multiple recipients and beneficiaries at the click of a button,” Mr Njenga said.

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“This partnership aligns well with our mission of providing a diverse range of financial services affordably to our customers while giving value to investment funds.”

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