iPhone Users May Soon Not Be Able To Access Telegram


Apple fans may soon have no access to Telegram on their iPhone Devices after a safer web organization demanded the removal of the app from the Apple App Store

Apple is currently being sued by the Coalition for a Safer Web for failure to remove access to Telegram. The Coalition says Telegram was used by hate groups and extremists in the United States to attack the Capitol. The lawsuit says it violates Apple’s App Store Terms of Service.

The lawsuit which is filed by Ambassador Marc Ginsberg and the Coalition for a Safer Web charges Apple with allowing Telegram to be available in the App Store while they have banned Parler.

The suit states that Apple has “knowledge that Telegram is being used to intimidate, threaten, and coerce members of the public,” but is taking no action.

If Apple removes the app from the app store, iPhone users will have no access to the app as unlike Android, iOS users cannot download Telegram from any other sources.

This comes as Pavel Durov, Telegram Founder recently announced that in the first week of January, Telegram’s active user base exceeded 500 million people a month. As of January 12, 25 million new users joined Telegram within 72 hours.

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However, Pavel has urged users on the platform to abandon the iPhone in favor of Android phones.

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