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IPO of 6-year-old “Future Food” startup – BASE FOOD, Inc.

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 15 November 2022 – BASE FOOD, Inc., a Japan-based food-tech company, went public on 15th November 2022 after six years since it was established, and is now listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


BASE FOOD products, typified by BASE BREAD, combine natural ingredients such as soybean and whole-wheat flour to achieve the perfect nutritional balance without sacrificing taste and texture.

33 kinds of nutrients necessary for the human body are contained in a well-balanced manner.


The company was founded by Shun Hashimoto, a former IT worker without any background in bread making and food industry. He came up with the idea of staple food containing every necessary nutrition when he did not have time to access a healthy diet due to busy working days. He tried his idea by starting to make noodles at home combining tens of natural ingredients to achieve perfect balance of nutrition.

The concept of “a complete nutritional diet” has been accepted by more and more people in Japan, and BASE FOOD, Inc. has sold more than 50 million bags of BASE FOOD products and acquired over 140,000 monthly active subscribers as of October 2022.

After the IPO, the company will invest more in research and development to produce better products and expand its business to overseas markets, in order to realize its mission “to reinvent staple food to make a healthy and sustainable lifestyle accessible to all”.

The products have potential of addressing both hunger and food satiation, as a result of which is especially lifestyle diseases.

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BASE BREAD is already available in Hong Kong on HKTVmall. It will be directly shipped from Japan.

HKTV mall link:

*1 meal, equivalent of 1 pack of BASE PASTA, 2 packs of BASE BREAD, or 4 packs of BASE Cookies, contains more than ⅓ of the baseline of all nutrients defined in the Japanese Nutrient Reference Value , except for fat, saturated fatty acid, carbohydrates, sodium and n-6 fatty acid whose overconsumption is concerned.

Hashtag: #basefood_hk

About BASE FOOD, Inc.

BASE FOOD, Inc. has been producing and selling complete food* “BASE FOOD” containing all 33 kinds of nutrients such as protein and dietary fiber as well as 26 types of vitamins/minerals since 2017. Both nutritional balance and deliciousness are kept by original recipe and blending technology besides usage of more than ten kinds of well-selected ingredients such as soybean, whole-wheat flour, and Chia seed.

Establishment : 5th April 2016
Founder and CEO: Shun Hashimoto
Head Quarter: 5-25-2, Nakameguro, Meguro, Tokyo, JAPAN, 153-0061

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