After Live Auction and RichKash, a new app dubbed Amazon Web Worker Africa (AWW Africa) is taking over social media as unemployed youth dish out referrals to the app in a bid to make a quick buck online, but is this app legit? or is Amazon Web Worker Africa yet another scam.

According to a Facebook post, “AWW is a collaborative assistance project between Amazon and Hong Kong, China.”

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The post explains that you can “help Amazon merchants complete e-commerce orders ordering tasks through your mobile phone and easily get 25-5000KSH in 10 minutes a day.”

The quick and fast answer is Amazon Web Worker is a Scam. It has all the characteristics of a Ponzi Scheme just like Live Auction, Public Likes, and the rest.

The app claims that the platform is an Amazon Affiliate, but it’s not. All Amazon Affiliates are clearly listed on their Website and are created by Amazon Mobile LLC.

“Just asking, is this app here to stay or maybe you are planning to wash people??”

Purity Wanjala asks over on Facebook, your guess is as good as mine.

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