After every Ponzi collapses, a new one emerges. Now that Bitstream Circle is gone, a new platform, C.G promises to ‘create a new era of digital economy’, however, before you make your first deposit, is C.G a Scam?

According to the website, C·G exchange is a distributed and profitable digital asset trading platform based on blockchain nodes and was founded in 2019. It claims to help institutional clients, investment consultants, and individual investors enter the market with a low threshold so that many cryptocurrency investors can have powerful digital currency asset trading products that can only be owned by professional investment institutions.

First of all, there is no digital currency that can only be owned by professional investment institutions.

Just like Bitstream Circle, the platform is a Cryptocurrency wallet wannabe, it is yet another get-rich-quick scheme targeting young people looking to get into the cryptocurrency scene.

It features the same modus operandi, Join, invest, get into a Telegram group with signals from “experts” sent out 4 times a day trade and invite others to get rich.

With promises of a 5% daily profit, the platform works exactly like Bitstream Circle. The Telegram groups are invite-only and I couldn’t get in, but if the YouTube videos are anything to go by, this is just a rebranded crypto scam.

According to a user, the platform was previously called Moremex operating in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistanplease do not believe it will hurt after the site is closed.” writes Qiziqarli va foydali narsalar.

Reading the very fine print, C.G states ” Once investors participate in the investment, they will understand and accept the risks of the project, and they are willing to bear all the corresponding results or consequences. The C·G team has made it clear that it will not bear any direct or indirect losses caused by participating in the C·G project.”

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is C.G a scam?

So, is C.G a scam? Most definitely.

Crypto is not a get-rich-quick scheme, you can not make those percentages daily with no risk. In fact, think long term when you hear cryptocurrency, Do a lot of research, evaluate the fundamentals of crypto assets you plan to buy, and invest what you can afford to lose (you can lose).

Factor in your risk appetite. As always, avoid unknown platforms, buy crypto on platforms like Binance, avoid acting on random tips and FOMO (fear of missing out), oh and again, do your own research.


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