There is a new ‘Paid surveys and Rewards’ app floating around called Odinare, a few people asked me how legit the app is so I decided to take a closer look. is Odinare a scam or is it legit?

Without wasting a lot of time, the app is available on the Google Play store with a 3.6 good rating, the app also has a neatly designed website, however, there are red flags all over it with too many discrepancies, the company claims to have raised $25 million in funds, I couldn’t find any proof of the same.

The app also claims to be available on the Apple Appstore which is not the case.


Is Odinare paid surveys a scam or a legit side hustle?

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is Odinare a Pyramid Scam?

Let’s start with the good old refer a friend and earn plot. Odinare boasts a seemingly generous referral system, the lack of limits on referrals raises concerns about its sustainability and potential resemblance to a Pyramid scheme.

The type of system used incentivizes users to prioritize recruitment over genuine product or service engagement. The promise of increasing earnings solely through referrals, without any limitations, raises questions about the actual value proposition of Odinare itself.

This lack of balance suggests that Odinare’s primary focus may be on recruiting new members to maintain the flow of funds, rather than providing a valuable product or service. This structure carries significant risks, as it relies on continuous growth to sustain payouts, and when recruitment slows, the system can collapse, leaving later entrants with significant financial losses.

Odinare Paid Surveys Tiers

Sticking to the good old tried and tested methods, Odinare has very interesting payout tiers, The Odinare website offers four types of accounts:

  1. Free Account / Starter Account: Offers 1 survey per day with a minimum withdrawal limit of Ksh 4,500. (lol)
  2. Business Basic Account: Offers 5 surveys per day, daily survey updates, premium surveys, priority access to new high-value surveys, and a lower withdrawal limit of Ksh 2,500. This tier costs 4,586 KES (LOL)
  3. Business Premium: Offers 10 surveys per day, daily survey updates, premium surveys, dedicated support, and a low withdrawal limit of Ksh 2,500. This one costs 9,018 KES
  4. Business Expert: Offers 20 surveys per day, daily survey updates, premium surveys, dedicated support, and a low withdrawal limit of Ksh 2,500. This one costs 17,578 KES

Odinare encourages users to upgrade their accounts to maximize their income from paid surveys. With access to exclusive surveys, faster payouts, and enhanced support, Odinare claims that the investment in a premium subscription pays off quickly.

Remember the referrals? When your referred friends actively engage with the app by filling out surveys, according to the website, you earn 30% on every survey they complete on condition that they have upgraded their account, on the app they say you get kshs. 30. This means that you will more than likely pressure your friends to go buy a tier.

This is called pressure to reinvest, it is number three on my list of how to identify Ponzi Schemes Ponzi schemes will collapse if no one is investing or if too many investors withdraw their funds. This is because there is no actual money-making business model involved. To remain afloat, the scams provide tiers that offer investors higher returns if they buy them.

Without upgrading your account you are only limited to one survey of about 40 KES, with a withdrawal limit of 4,500 KES, do you see where I am going with this? It would take you almost four months of daily surveys. Just avoid the app.

So is Odinare legit? No it is not!

While early adopters who have a lot of influence can potentially make some money off Ponzi Schemes by way of referrals and buying these tiers, chances are if I’m writing about it you’re not one of the early adopters.

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