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ITSU World introduced “ITSU Syoook Sewa Plan”, a flexible repayment plan that allows buyers to decide their repayment period

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 24 May 2022 – Many have called 2021 the year of disruption and endurance—both mentally and physically. With the world feeling the crush of COVID-19 fatigue, lockdowns, overwork, childcare, home schooling and more, it can feel as though the country is collectively suffocating. ITSU World, a health and wellness solutions company based in Malaysia, found a way to help reduce the persistent physical and mental exhaustion we face through its new launched ITSU Syoook Sewa Plan.

The massage chair to address the compounding stress, anxiety, and depression faced by so many through pairing a blood pressure and lifestyle-management app with tailored massage programs.

To make it convenient for customers to own a unit of the massage chair, the company has introduced “ITSU Syoook Sewa Plan“, a flexible repayment plan that allows buyers to decide their monthly fee or repayment period.

Free Service
The brand offers its strong Service Team to help customers with inquiries or troubleshooting anytime.

Customers get free service every six months, which would include the comprehensive checkpoints services of product cleanliness, program, test, product surface and performance.

Interested in purchasing a massage chair? Under the ITSU Syoook Sewa Plan, you can gain access to up to four plans from as low as RM128 per month.

For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook @ITSUWORLD

About ITSU

ITSU World is an award-winning healthcare and wellness company with more than 50 stores in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and with many more distribution channels being implemented.

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The word “ITSU” is delivered from the Japanese phrase “御手” (meaning “the royal touch”). ITSU fuses cutting-edge technology with the art of traditional massage techniques to achieve the ultimate indulgence that feel as though they are performed by hand, allowing everyone to enjoy them for years to come.

Every experience comes from strong perseverance and spirit. We keep it simple, adhering to one principle – Delivering The Real Sensei Experience. With more than 20 years in the reflexology industry, we are determined to learn and retain traditional, age-old techniques and practices used by massage therapists.


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