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In a recent report by Techspace.Africa, iStreet Kenya, an Apple-authorized reseller, was accused of selling refurbished iPhones as new. This was after a lot of customers took to social media to express dissatisfaction with phones bought at the shop. According to numerous users, the phone was repackaging and selling old and refurbished iPhones at the price of new ones

Charles Njagua Kanyi, popularly known as Jaguar, the director of iStreet Kenya, has taken to social media to address these allegations. Jaguar is not only a director at iStreet Kenya but also a well-known Kenyan musician and the former Member of Parliament for Starehe Constituency in Nairobi.

In a statement released on Instagram, he said, “As the director of @iphone_streetkenya, it is quite unfortunate that some of our clients have experienced dissatisfaction. I have taken a personal initiative and take full responsibility for what happened.”

Kanyi further added that he is committed to improving the situation and ensuring that such incidents do not occur in the future. “I commit to put in place a new customer service team for clear product information and dispute resolution to mitigate any issues moving forward,” he stated.

This move by iStreet Kenya is seen as a step towards regaining the trust of its customers. The new customer service team is expected to provide clear and accurate product information and handle any disputes that may arise.

It remains to be seen how these changes will impact the overall customer experience at iStreet Kenya. However, with Jaguar taking full responsibility for the incident, customers can expect a more transparent and satisfactory service moving forward.

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