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Jasa Sarjana introduces rebranded ACTIV-e Film by ICE-μ for Mazda Cars in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 20 January 2022 – Jasa Sarjana Sdn Bhd continues to bolster its line-up of window tint products, with its rebranding of the official window film for Mazda cars, as official supplier to Bermaz Motor Sdn Bhd.

With the recent rebranding exercise, Skytint – the solar and security film distributed by Jasa Sarjana exclusively for Mazda vehicles in Malaysia – is now known as ACTIV-e Film by ICE-μ. This new product moniker reflects the recent induction of ICE-μ into the technology stable of Riken Technos Corporation of Japan, the leading plastic film and automotive parts manufacturer in Japan with a presence in dozens of countries around the world.

Jasa Sarjana welcomes their continuing role as the official supplier of window films to Bermaz Motor while maintaining the same innovative technology of ICE-μ, which is the window film with the highest clarity in the market.

The features of ICE-μ are now better reflected in the new name of the rebranded product.

  • ACTIV-e Film is designed to actively block ultraviolet and infrared waves, reducing interior degradation and heat transmission while letting in visible light.
  • Whereas the “e” designation in its name stands for “electrons,” representing the advanced nanotechnology at the molecular level that is built-in to the film’s superior Ultra Nano Particles.
  • And because it blocks heat, less energy is used for air conditioning, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint, giving the “e” in ACTIV-e an ecological focus as well as providing better fuel economy.
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As an exclusive private label from Jasa Sarjana, ACTIV-e Film by ICE-μ is available only preinstalled in Mazda cars sold in Malaysia.

To know more about ACTIV-e Film or ICE-μ, the technology behind ACTIV-e, please visit:


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