Jumia Black Friday 2021 is a Hoax

jumia black friday

After seeing a couple of ads flying around, I was very interested in participating in this year’s Jumia Black Friday promotion, however, after scouring the continent’s largest e-commerce website and looking at the deals, I have concluded that Jumia Black Friday 2021 is a hoax.

Jumia Black Friday Fake Deals

First, there’s absolutely no change in the prices on some of the deals Jumia is purporting to have, looking at tech products like smartphones shows that they were going for the same price before the promotion started which means they just slapped on the “black Friday” slogan on them.

The second is the deceit on the platform, Jumia is displaying more than the RRP but advertising a sale price. It looks like you’re getting a fantastic discount, solely for this limited time. After that, the price shoots back up… right? Wrong!

I actually expected Jumia to pump up the prices prior to the sale to allow them to ‘reduce’ them and give the appearance of a bargain but they’re too lazy to do all that.

The law, as contained in the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations, simply says that if a product is on sale or special offer, the retailer must show the original price and it must have been selling at that price for ‘a meaningful period of time’.

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If you’ve got your eye on something, start comparing prices to make sure the price charged in the Black Friday sale is all it seems.

Out of Stock

Anything that appears to actually have a deal is cheap. These are USB memory sticks etc, don’t rush to buy that though,they are out of stock. Go figure.

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