The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) has issued a notice to all drone users, urging them to register their drones ahead of the general election in August 2022.

Speaking at an event on Friday, KCAA Director General Captain Gilbert Kibe said the authority was anticipating an increase in the use of drones, helicopters, and light air-crafts as the election draws nearer.

He said that although users would not have to apply for the imports permit, it was imperative that the aircraft were registered for secure monitoring along the country’s air transport corridors.

Drones have become a common fixture in the creative industry, sports, and alternative in the delivery of healthcare services, and aid in data collection and newsgathering. Kibe cautioned that it is illegal to operate unregistered drones in the country.

All drones have to be identifiable and will therefore require registration as an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). KCAA will issue a certificate for registration. Only Kenyan citizens above 18 years and corporate bodies or national government/county government members can register drones.

Individuals or entities that have already imported drones are encouraged to apply to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority for registration and approval to lawfully engage in safe and secure drone operations of all types which could include precision agriculture, wildlife management, an inspection of the power grid, building, dams, solar inspection, research, crop spraying and data collection, forest management, road traffic monitoring, and surveillance and aerial mapping.

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