Kenya Launches Child Online Protection Portal

Kenya is stepping up its child online protection systems in an effort to curb the rising cases of internet child abuse.

The communications authority of Kenya (CAK) has now launched an online child protection portal that allows users to report cases of child abuse to the authority as well as access help.

ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru has said the new system will also help detect and monitor cases of cyber-bullying and nab cyber-criminals as political temperatures rise due to the planned building bridges initiative referendum drive.

The content on the portal is presented in interactive games for children. Mercy Wanjau, Ag. Director-General of the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) said “It has a gaming component that enables both the young and the young at heart to measure their level of awareness on online risks such as cyberbullying, identity theft and online sexual harassment”

According to CAK, statistics for the quarter ending December 2020, the National Computer Incident Response Team Coordination Centre detected more than 56 million cyber threats in the country.

The public is to use the platform to report any cases of online child abuse, which will be directly channeled to CA for necessary action.

At the same time, the public can also access information about other organizations that offer support for children, including Childline Kenya, Kenya Association of Professional Counselors, The Cradle, and the Children’s department.

Last year, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has issued a stern warning to individuals who are sharing and posting indecent pictures of minors on online platforms of dire consequences.

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“It is unfortunate that such individuals are doing so not only in contravention of the law, but also ignoring the negative impact of their actions on the lives of the said minors. We wish to remind those circulating such photos and/or videos that such acts are punishable by law,” read a statement from the DCI.

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