The Kenyan government has suspended the activities of Worldcoin, a company that is collecting iris scans from people in exchange for cryptocurrency. The government has concerns about the security and privacy of the data that Worldcoin is collecting, and it wants to ensure that the data is not being used for illegal or harmful purposes.

The government’s decision to suspend Worldcoin’s activities comes after a number of Kenyans raised concerns about the company’s data collection practices. Some people have expressed concerns that Worldcoin could be using the data to track people’s movements or to identify them for marketing purposes. Others have expressed concerns that the data could be hacked or sold to criminals.

The government has said that it will not lift the suspension of Worldcoin’s activities until the company can provide assurances that the data will be used safely and securely. The government has also said that it will take action against anyone who continues to collect iris scans from Kenyans in violation of the suspension order.

The suspension of Worldcoin’s activities in Kenya is a significant setback for the company which had set up shop in Kenya way before its official launch. Worldcoin insists that it is a cryptocurrency project that aims to provide everyone on Earth with a unique digital identity, a share of the Worldcoin token (WLD). However, the government’s decision to suspend the company’s activities has raised questions about the legitimacy of Worldcoin’s business model and the security of its data collection practices.

The suspension of Worldcoin’s activities in Kenya is also a reminder of the importance of data privacy in the digital age. As more and more companies collect personal data from people, it is important for governments to put in place safeguards to protect people’s privacy.

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Despite Worldcoin brushing off these allegations claiming they are not a data company and their business model does not involve exploiting or selling personal user data. The Kenyan government’s decision to suspend Worldcoin’s activities is a step in the right direction, and it is a reminder that governments have a responsibility to protect the privacy of their citizens.

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