Tiktok ban

Kenyan President William Ruto has said that he will meet with the global CEO of TikTok on Thursday morning to discuss content moderation and monetization on the platform.

Ruto said that he is concerned about the amount of negative content that is being shared on TikTok, and he wants to work with the company to find a way to reduce it. He also wants to discuss how TikTok can be used to promote positive content and messages.

The meeting comes after a petition was filed calling for a ban on TikTok in Kenya. The petition alleges that the platform is being used to spread hate speech, pornography, and other harmful content.

TikTok has faced criticism all over the world and has over and over insisted that it is committed to moderating content on its platform and that it has removed millions of videos for violating its policies. The company says that it is working with local partners to address concerns about content moderation.

The meeting between Ruto and TikTok’s CEO is seen as a positive step towards resolving the issue of content moderation on the platform. It is hoped that the two sides will be able to reach an agreement that will allow TikTok to continue operating in Kenya while also addressing the concerns of users and regulators.

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