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Launch of ixCrypto BTC/ETH 50/50 Index and ixCrypto BTC/ETH Proportional Index

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 9 May 2024 – Today, IX Asia Indexes (“IXAI”) announced the launch of ixCrypto BTC/ETH 50/50 Index (“ixCrypto 50/50”) and ixCrypto BTC/ETH Proportional Index (“ixCrypto Proportional”).

The two indexes are designed for cryptocurrencies beginners for their first knowledge and first investment in cryptocurrencies. The ixCrypto 50/50 and ixCrypto Proportional are developed on Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) only and should be more acceptable for retail investors due to their dominance in market capitalization and volume in the crypto market. Based on IXAI’s 2024 Q1 review result, Bitcoin together with Ethereum comprised 68.87% and 56.68% of total market capitalization and volume respectively. IXAI launches the new indexes that cater to not only investors’ demand, but also regulators’ direction, which prefer retail to invest solely in Bitcoin and Ethereum rather than a broader range of cryptocurrencies.

The two new indexes provide benchmarking value (to track the performance of Bitcoin and Ethereum) and facilitate ETF issuers and fund managers for the creation of index tracking funds. ixCrypto 50/50 Index is a two-constituent index with equal weight on ixCrypto Bitcoin Index (IXBI) and ixCrypto Ethereum Index (IXEI), while ixCrypto Proportional Index is a two-constituent index with weight according to the market capitalization of Bitcoin and Ethereum with respect to their aggregated total market capitalization at 74.97% and 25.03% respectively (Appendix 1). The two new indexes based on historical long-term returns outperformed the cryptocurrency market and BTC significantly due to their higher weighting on ETH, while also can achieve risk diversification (Appendix 2).

Appendix 1

Constituent Weightings of
ixCrypto BTC/ETH 50/50 Index and Proportional Index

90-day-average Crypto Market Cap 90-day-average Crypto Volume Index Level* Cumulative Market Cap Coverage Weight in BTC/ETH 50/50 Weight in BTC/ETH Proportional
IXBI $1,048,001,688,171 $34,255,641,195 16833.37 51.63% 50.00% 74.97%
IXEI $349,874,454,279 $16,226,856,611 30077.54 68.87% 50.00% 25.03%

* On 31 March 2024

Correlation of IXBI and IXEI

1 – Month 3 – Month 6 – Month 1 – Year 3 – Year 5 – Year Since Inception YTD
Correlation 0.8892 0.8005 0.7663 0.7922 0.8248 0.7974 0.7954 0.8006

As of 31 March 2024

Appendix 2

Statistics Comparison of ixCrypto Index Series

Index Performance Standard Deviation

(Monthly Return)

Reward-to-Risk Ratio*
1 Year (%) 3 Years (%) Since
Inception (%)
1 Year (%) 3 Years (%) Since
Inception (%)
1 Year 3 Years Since
IXCI 119.43 35.77 1258.94 45.21 120.88 173.37 2.64 0.30 7.26
IXBI 148.18 18.28 1583.34 50.95 117.85 171.17 2.91 0.16 9.25
IXEI 95.17 89.64 2907.75 44.94 139.54 209.81 2.12 0.64 13.86
BTC/ETH 50/50 111.37 55.89 2245.55 46.43 126.25 178.19 2.40 0.44 12.60
BTC/ETH Proportional 123.71 27.20 1700.37 48.39 122.59 172.80 2.56 0.22 9.84

As of 31 March 2024
* Reward-to-Risk Ratio: Performance of Index Return / Standard Deviation of Index Return

Hashtag: #IXAsiaIndexes

The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.

About IX Asia Indexes and IX Index Advisory Committee

IX Capital International Limited is an award-winning index and investment advisory company. The index business arm- IX Asia Indexes, providing real-time digital asset and innovative indexes, disseminated 24×7 globally and built on robust infrastructure. Since the launch of the first crypto benchmark index (“IXCI”) launched in Hong Kong in December 2018, the ixCrypto index series expand into 27 indexes designed for exchange futures product, mark to market and fund managers’ portfolio construction purposes. To ensure the professionality and impartiality of the index methodologies and operations, IX Asia Indexes has established its index advisory committee with representation from different industries, including fund management, exchanges, brokerage, financial blockchain experts, crypto service providers, etc. The committee will meet quarterly a year to discuss matters relating to the IX Asia Indexes, including to review and to comment the data sources, methodologies, and operations of IX Asia Indexes, to provide guidance to the future development of new IX Asia Indexes and to handle other issues and decisions on an as-needed basis.

IX Asia Indexes was awarded the Fintech Award (wealth investment and management) 2019 and 2021 organised by ETNet. It as well won an award for Startup of the Year and Basic Technology (Big Data) from Hong Kong Fintech Impetus Awards 2022 by Metro Broadcast and KPMG. It also won Asia Pacific Enterprise Achievement Award 2024 by Echolade. IX Asia Indexes completed its IOSCO compliance statement and obtained ISO/IEC 27001:2013 UKAS certification.


Advisory Committee:

About IX Crypto Indexes

The ixCrypto index (“IXCI”) is the first crypto index launched in Hong Kong. It was launched on 12 December 2018. It is denominated in USD with a base value of 1000 and a base date on 3 December 2018. Designed to be easy to understand while providing a good representation of the crypto market, ixCrypto index aims to cover the top 80% of the cumulative free-float adjusted market capitalization in the crypto universe and, at the same time, the crypto currencies should fall within the top liquid cryptos ranked by trading volume in the 90 days preceding the review date. The index is to be reviewed quarterly and with a fast entry rule. Real time indexes are disseminated every 5-second for 24×7 since 23 June 2022. Real time index data together with ixBitcoin Index and ixEthereum Index can be obtained from IX Capital International Data Services. For IXCI, IXBI and IXEI, the indexes are also available through Nasdaq Global Index Data Service (GIDS) with the tickers “IXCI”, “IXBI” and “IXEI”, with dissemination interval kept at 15-second unchanged.

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