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Like Medi uses a new and unique LightSheer® technology to launch “True. Painless” Laser Hair Removal Treatment with Vacuum Technology

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 3 November 2021 – After many years of experience, Like Medi found that most customers are most concerned about the pain caused during and after laser hair removal. In view of this, in order to let customers have the best experience when receiving laser hair removal treatment, they combined Advanced technology and ingenious operation skills <True. Painless> permanent hair removal treatment, using the new and unique LightSheer® technology.


The LightSheer® technology launched by Like Medi this time is produced by Lumenis, the world’s largest energy medical device company for beauty, surgery and ophthalmology applications. This product is positioned at the forefront of the market. Provide laser hair removal treatment with a wavelength of 805 nm or 1060 nm, no need to stop, in addition to painless hair removal, it can also treat pigment and vascular diseases. Doctors can combine LightSheer®’s high-speed vacuum assist technology with ChillTip (TM) integrated contact cooling technology to achieve excellent results and provide customers with pleasant, effective, fast and safe treatment.


LightSheer® is the latest generation of Lumenis hair removal system, using the “vacuum patented negative pressure suction laser hair removal principle” to suck the skin surface with vacuum technology to expand the epidermis, reduce the density of epidermal melanin, and temporarily block blood circulation in the blood vessels, allowing energy It reaches the deep hair follicles more accurately, and the hair shaft and hair follicles are damaged, which prevents the hair from growing again. Compared with general laser hair removal, no anesthetic is required before the treatment. Its first HIT vacuum painless technology and breakthrough semiconductor infrared laser (800 nm) make the hair removal process as comfortable as thermal massage, greatly reducing pain and achieving effective The hair removal effect, coupled with the patented ChillTip™ Contact Cooling cryoprotection technology, provides a constant temperature of 4°C throughout the treatment, which is safer and more comfortable than traditional laser hair removal. For particularly thick hair (such as men’s hair removal or Bikini hair removal) More effective. After years of all verification, it has been approved by the US FDA as a medical device for permanent hair reduction.


The LightSheer® hair removal system also allows to provide 3 different sizes of treatment probes customized treatment according to different hair colors, different skin types and different body parts, such as ET cold pressure probe for small-scale hair removal (face hair removal, hand hair removal, Bikini hair removal ), HS vacuum probe is aimed at large-scale hair removal (men’s laser hair removal, back hair removal). The number of hair removal treatments and the laser hair removal effect required by the customer depends on the hair color and the target area. Because hair grows periodically, it requires multiple treatments to get the best results. Each hair removal treatment lasts 10 to 30 minutes.

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Before each treatment, the Like Medi will remind customers to prepare before hair removal and avoid receiving fruit acid peeling treatments or using fruit acid skin care products on related parts. In addition, avoid receiving optical treatments such as color light, laser, radio frequency, microneedles, etc. on the relevant parts within 4 weeks before the treatment. Just pay attention to wearing loose clothing before laser hair removal After the treatment, the customer will be reminded not to use antiperspirant, fruit acid, alcohol-containing skin care products within two weeks after the laser hair removal, and moisturize after the hair removal, and apply high-moisturizing skin care to the laser hair removal area. Good care after laser hair removal can prevent dry skin and even red spots after hair removal.


About Like Medi

Like Medi’s business philosophy is “Intentions, Sincerity, and Word of Mouth”, providing high-quality life beauty and medical beauty treatments, shaping a new definition of “beauty”, crafting aesthetics in the subtleties, and letting technology create health and beauty. In addition to women’s hair removal, it has also been available in recent years. Men began to pay attention to hair appearance, so Like Medi also launched men’s facial hair removal. They use European and American medical beauty brands and professional-grade equipment to perform facial laser hair removal, and measure exclusive aesthetic treatments for different customers. During customer consultation, customers often ask ” What are the recommendations for hair removal“, “which hair removals are better“, “are permanent hair removal and laser hair removal the same things”, these information will also be shared in Like Medi, such as which permanent hair removals are better, which laser hair removals are better, etc., they also provide the most popular bikini line hair removal service in recent years. In addition, Like Medi will also share hair removal tips, such as preparations for laser hair removal, post-removal care, so that customers can enjoy safe treatment during the entire hair removal process. .

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