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American business and employment-oriented online service LinkedIn yesterday announced a new feature called Creator mode which looks to bring LinkedIn users tools to prominently display their content, engage with their community, and build their following.

According to LinkedIn, in the new mode, the ‘Connect’ button will be replaced with a new ‘Follow’ button. It will also move the ‘Featured’ and ‘Activity’ sections at the top of the member’s profile.

LinkedIn creator mode update

Users can also now add hashtags at the top of their profile to further amplify reach for their content and increase their following on LinkedIn. You can add up to five hashtags to highlight the topics you focus on. LinkedIn will then use these hashtags to eventually recommend your account to other LinkedIn users with similar interests.

Now, to help increase the visibility of users’ content, the Profile background of Live broadcasters will show their Live broadcast when they start streaming.

“With creator mode, we are saying, ‘Hey, if you want to start the process of building an audience past your network or you have an audience and you want to showcase your content, make it more in the forefront, we’re going to give you a chance to do that,'” said Keren Baruch, LinkedIn’s creator product lead.

The Microsoft-owned social network will start rolling out this feature to LinkedIn members globally starting this week.


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