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Are you a podcast listener? Do you spend hours on end jumping through Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify trying to find a show worth listening to?

Most major directories are great for finding the most popular shows on a given topic, however, their search results are limited and almost always nonspecific.

Listen Notes is Google for podcasts. Yes, Listen Notes is a podcast search engine that seeks to address this problem by combining all your favorite databases and bringing you the ability to sift through them to find the shows you want, whether they are podcasts from your favorite bigwigs or from smaller, independent podcasts, you will find them here.

Overall, the platform has 2.4M podcasts and 105M episodes in its index. Listen Notes also allows streaming shows directly on the platform, curation of podcast playlists, and the creation of short shareable clips from episodes.

You can also opt for a premium membership which will let you “super search” for more advanced results. As well as get alerts for any podcast mentions of specific keywords or brand names.

Listen Notes also provides a podcast database API for developers to connect to external applications.

Give it a try!

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