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Facebook is finally rolling out Live Audio Rooms, bringing heavy competition to Clubhouse. Live Audio Rooms on Facebook will let users join and listen to live conversations.

Right now, only public figures and some select Facebook groups on iOS will be able to create Live Audio Rooms, but users from both Android and iOS devices in the United States can join in on these rooms.

Live Audio Room hosts can invite up to 50 speakers to the conversation with no limit to how many people can listen in unlike Clubhouse which has a limit.

Both members and listeners can listen to the rooms in public groups, but for private groups, only members will be allowed.

Users will be able to find ongoing Live Audio Rooms via their News Feed and through Facebook notifications. You can also set reminders that will notify you once a room goes live. Much like Clubhouse, there is a “raise a hand” button for people when they want to speak and there are notifications you receive when your friends or followers join the chat.

Live Audio Rooms will also include a live caption feature that is not available in Clubhouse.

In order to compete better in the audio market and take on Apple and Spotify, Facebook has started adding podcasts to the platform.

Users can listen to these podcasts while scrolling through Facebook “via a mini or full-screen player”.

You can find the podcasts on the creators’ Facebook Pages and on the News Feed. There is also an option for users to listen to a podcast while the screen is off.

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