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Local FinTech Start-Up “TrendX” Launched Self-Developed Stock Market Forecast AI System Enable Users to Capture the Stock Market Trend

“Win before the Publish of Stock Market News”

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 19 April 2022 – Local FinTech start-up TrendX officially launched its own stock market forecast AI system “TrendX”, which creates a unique stock market indicator by manipulating algorithms, big data, machine learning and AI. The system aids users to reduce the time cost of reading the stock market news, smoothen stock market trend analyzing process and simplify manual operation, so that individual investors can easily get a precise stock market trend analysis and develop a more profitable investment strategy. TrendX aims to help people to reduce research time, increase win rate and gain more return on stock investment, so that they can have more time to enjoy their life.

Philip Cheung, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Director of TrendX
Philip Cheung, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Director of TrendX

Stock Market Trend can be Precisely Determined by a Well Developed Stock Market Forecast AI System

“TrendX” is a “quantification system”, possessing the abilities of AI stock market data analyzing, strong stock market trend catching and numerous data model consolidation, which calculates 100,000 times on every stocks in the entire Hong Kong stock market and analyses the subtle changes of the stock price, to determine the stock market trend on every stocks and prevent false decision making in the next trading day. Also, the unique self-developed “TREND-BREAKPOINT” enables investors to receive the stock price information for developing the investment and risk management strategy in advance. Philip Cheung, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Director of TrendX, said “We hope that the simplification of stock investment process by AI FinTech enables investors to refrain from relying on macro analysis and news, so that they could have their own insight and determination on every stocks, and capture the stock market trend before the publish of news.”

The Analysis System Supports People to Achieve Financial Independence after 8-year Development and Optimisation

“TrendX”, the stock market forecast AI system, genuinely reflects the innovativeness of Hong Kong because it is innovated by Philip Cheung, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Director of TrendX and his team without any participation of third parties. Philip has over 15 years working experience in both local and foreign bulge bracket firms, developed numerous investment transaction systems and autonomous quantitative strategy systems. He is also proficient in transaction software platform development and financial system infrastructure construction. After experiencing the financial crisis of 2008, Philip made up his own mind to establish his own organization. He investigated and improved the quantitative and automated trading system, eventually, he developed a brand new quantification system.

Because of Philip’s further development on and alteration of the AI stock analysis system in 2010, the outcome can be determined by investigating the emerging uncertainties in the stock market, instead of studying the past data by the AI system in general. After practice and technical improvement for years, in 2016, the AI system was already mature and Philip successfully gained his return on stock investment with the aid of his self-developed AI system. By using the profit from stock investment, Philip invested in numerous commercial buildings to spread risk and increase passive income, and eventually achieved financial independence.

Philip established FinTech start-up “TrendX” in 2019. His purpose is to support investors to gain return on the stock market and achieve financial independence. The interface of the AI system is substantially optimized so that it is more easy and convenient to use. With only 3 simple steps, investors can catch up on the long term stock price variation trend. The operation of the AI system can be mastered by new users within 1 day. By the implementation of AI FinTech, “man-machine integration” can be accomplished and the investment habit can be improved.

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As there are uncertainties in the stock market, it is difficult to estimate the outcome, so stock option becomes another choice for investors because of its stability. Therefore, TrendX also developed an innovative stock option analysis system “OptionX” to support investors to gain return by analyzing all Hong Kong stock options and providing strategies for highest return. After optimisation on system interface and user experience, “TrendX” and “OptionX” are officially launched on 5th March, 2022.

TrendX’s Excellent Performance Gained Attention from the Market

The core technology of TrendX is abundant and mature, and the stock picking performance is excellent as well. Therefore, TrendX received numerous invitations of collaboration by various securities, funding and financial companies, as well as the support and sponsorship by the government Technology Voucher Programme. TrendX also established “fully authorisation service DMA”. In this service, the team with abundant stock investment experience will use OptionX AI option analysis system and TrendX AI stock trend forecast system together, so that investors can save their time cost of stock market news research, and increase passive income.

TrendX Await for the Future Diversified Development, Especially in Educating the Mass about Stock Investment Knowledge

TrendX aims to expand its experience and services to the international market, and hope that after educating the general public about stock investment knowledge, people will no longer jump on the bandwagon of speculation. Philip, the Co-Founder of TrendX, said “Hope that by the years of experience on FinTech, we could provide more sharing and education on stock investment to the general public, so that man-machine integration can be achieved and investment becomes more simple.”

About TrendX

TrendX was established in 2019 and it is a local FinTech start-up company providing stock market forecast AI system service to help investors to develop a quick, accurate and profitable stock investment strategy. “Trend” represents the stock market trend. “X” represents X-Ray, with the meaning of seeing through the stock market. “X” also represents “eXplore”, with the meaning of exploration on the stock market. TrendX aims to use FinTech to have a betterment on stock investment and to serve the public.

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About TrendX Co-Founder
Co-Founder / Chief Technology Director – Philip Cheung
Philip Cheung graduated from the university in England. Philip was the associate director of the international advisory and technological department in the Bank of China. He has 15 years working experience in various bulge bracket firms, e.g. JP Morgan, UBS, Bear Stearns and the Bank of China. He has abundant experience on the development of investment transaction systems and autonomous quantitative strategy systems, and is proficient in transaction software platform development and financial system infrastructure construction.

The above is released by HelloReporter as a representative for TrendX.


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