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London Weight Management’s ezSlim™ and BioDetox™ Treatments Prove Effectiveness in Weight Loss Challenge

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 19 October 2022 – London Weight Management has demonstrated its efficacy in a recent weight loss challenge, taken up by homegrown television and film personality, Michelle Chong. Chong, who initially weighed 57.5kg at the start of the one-month weight loss challenge, lost 3.1kg with London Weight Management’s signature ezSlim™ and BioDetox™ Treatment programmes. The results reviewed proved the weight management and slimming provider’s expertise in delivering impactful modern-day solutions.


Customised Slimming Treatments

Non-invasive and effective, the customised slimming programme comprises ezSlim™ Treatment, which uses the latest in advanced slimming technology to burn fat, firm and sculpt the body. During the treatment process, a customised ampoule was also applied for enhanced slimming benefits.

Besides burning fat with ezSlim™, the BioDetox™ Slimming Treatment further optimises weight loss by eliminating toxins and improving the body’s lymphatic circulation. Among its benefits, BioDetox™ can also help to boost immunity and metabolism. Towards the end of the session, a herbal mask was applied on the body to reduce bloating and water retention.

On top of this month-long combination of ezSlim™ and BioDetox™ Treatments, Chong also drank the London Express Coffee which is formulated to promote metabolism and control appetite. With London Weight Management, Chong won the challenge at a weight of 54.4kg as compared to her earlier 57.5kg.

Slim Down Effectively with London Weight Management

As a leading slimming centre in Singapore, London Weight Management aims to target the problem areas with individualised slimming treatments to ensure lasting results.

For those new to London Weight Management, the first appointment will begin with a full body fat analysis that is conducted by a professional consultant. The consultant will also review factors like daily lifestyle habits to uncover the cause behind the specific weight problem. A slimming treatment programme is then tailored according to each customer’s needs.

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To work towards sustainable weight loss, their professional consultant may suggest home care products that can complement the slimming treatment regime provided by London Weight Management. Customers can also get a diet review with expert advice from London Weight Management’s in-house nutrition specialists.

To kickstart the slimming journey with London Weight Management, new customers may sign up for a personalised ezSlim™ trial session at $28. Interested parties may check out their customer reviews and testimonials for more information.

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About London Weight Management

London Weight Management is a multi-award-winning slimming brand founded over two decades ago in Singapore. Prioritising innovation and the use of breakthrough technologies, London Weight Management’s slimming solutions are highly sought after by women with weight concerns or who desire an effortless way to achieve a shapely silhouette. For more information, visit .

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