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Master the Market’s Pulse Holistically—The First Course on Practical Digital Marketing in China Recognized by the Hong Kong Government launched by AD-Linkage

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 17 May 2024 – Since the resumption of cross-border travel between Mainland China and Hong Kong in the middle of last year, Xiaohongshu has become lifestyle and travel guides for mainland tourists and drifters. Edwin Lee, a renowned entrepreneur and an investment expert, who is also the founder of Bridgeway Prime Shop Fund, together with Horace Lui, Course Director and Tutor from AD-Linkage, will bring into discussion how Xiaohongshu is setting new marketing trends in the food and beverage industry, and leveraging the widely-used social media platform for business growth and brand promotion.

Master the Market’s Pulse Holistically—The First Course on Practical Digital Marketing in China Recognized by the Hong Kong Government launched by AD-Linkage

Unveiling the Secrets of Traffic on Xiaohongshu with Edwin Lee

Horace Lui, Course Director of AD-Linkage, stated that the current downturn and continuous closures in the local food and beverage industry have made more and more business owners aware the importance of leveraging Xiaohongshu, to navigate against the market recession. In light of this, AD-Linkage has launched a certificate course on practical digital marketing in China specifically designed for individuals interested in expanding into the mainland market, entrepreneurs, or social media administrators. Course content includes practical case studies and success stories, techniques and strategies for using Xiaohongshu effectively. It is the first course on practical digital marketing in China recognized by the Hong Kong Government. Lee has signed up and is offering a $500 course sponsorship to supporters.*

Horace mentioned that FinePrint, a Western-style coffee shop located in SoHo, Central, has achieved great success on Xiaohongshu this year. Despite its limited space, customers make purchase and enjoy their coffee and desserts sitting on the staircase outside the shop. It gives a chill and casual vibe. On the other hand, another local restaurant, Red Tea, managed to secure a spot on “must-try list in Hong Kong” on many travel influencers’ pages. With Mainland tourists shifting from bulk shopping to experiencing Hong Kong’s local culture, Red Tea offers a convenient way for them to quickly enjoy delicious delights, which is an exclusive travel experience for them. These two restaurants have different target audiences and marketing approaches on the social media platform, yet both have achieved significant success in the market.

Jason Liu, instructor from AD-Linkage explained that throughout the course, students will be guided on how to analyze successful cases and taught techniques to gain more exposures and reaches online. The course aims to strengthen students’ copywriting skills and assist them in standing out and generating more business in a competitive environment. He emphasized that “headlines, content, images, cover design, and hashtag” are crucial factors in gaining traffic, which can be achieved with the help of tools such as “Xin Hong”, which is a data tool for Xiaohongshu. It provides search for posts and notes on the platform, allowing users to discover the hottest topics and keywords. For instance, terms and phrases like “great deal,” “must-eat”,”no.1,” and “not to be missed” indicate high discussion activity. By aligning with “the hottest trends”, a successful “traffic generation” strategy can be developed.

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A must learn: Using “Substitute Words for Sensitive Terms” to Avoid “Content Restriction”

Internet regulations in China are stringent. Video/content would be restricted if it contained “sensitive terms”; hence, they would not be uploaded to the social media platform. According to the advertising laws of the country, specific words such as “the most”, “one and only”, and “top-notch” are forbidden. Therefore, it is crucial to learn how to minimize the occurrence of restriction. Horace mentioned that the course will cover a series of “substitutes for sensitive terms” that are rarely discussed among other courses. For example, “the most” can be replaced with pinyin “Zui”, in Mandarin, and “TOP 1” can be substituted with “T.O.P. 1”. The course will also address topics to avoid on particular days. By mastering these techniques, not only can one convey its messages, but also prevent “content restriction”.

Certificate course on practical digital marketing in China– small class size with only 15 student intakes. Limited seats are available, so don’t hesitate and register now.
Registration URL:

Early bird 10% discount for those who register before May 29th, with prices as low as $2,484 (original price: $13,800). Up to 80% of the tuition fees will be subsidized by The Continuing Education Fund (CEF).

  • 30 hours of practical classroom training + 3 hours of examination
  • QF Level 3

*Limited offer of $500 sponsorship to the first 15 registrants. Class begins on June 12th. Please send registration receipt to 9036 1143 via WhatsApp.

From June 12th to July 17th, 2024 (every Monday and Wednesday):
Monday: 19:00 to 22:00
Wednesday: 19:00 to 22:00
Exam date: July 24th, 2024 (Wednesday)
Hashtag: #ADLinkage

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AD-Linkage-a Leading Digital Marketing Company in the Industry

AD-Linkage was established early in 2005, with a commitment to providing comprehensive and effective digital marketing solutions for enterprises in Hong Kong. With years of dedication, AD-Linkage has built an image of “professionalism,” “innovation,” and “reliability.” Excel in “business”, then “teach”, AD-Linkage pass on knowledge and experience to the industry. Leading by example and practising what they preach, the company has become a course provider under the Hong Kong Continuing Education Fund (CEF) in 2008. Recomposing non-systematic digital marketing knowledge from book to practical materials, the professional certificate course on practical digital marketing launched by the company can customize course content to suit the specific needs of different businesses. Since January 1st, 2020, “Professional Certificate in Practical Digital Marketing” and “Certificate in Cross-Border E-Commerce” offered by AD-Linkage have been recognized at the Qualifications Framework Level 4 and Level 2 respectively. The company aims to recompose non-systematic digital marketing knowledge from book to practical materials.

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