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Meta, formerly Facebook is facing a series of lawsuits in Kenya where the company is accused of forced labor, human trafficking, and union-busting.

According to the Washington Post, the lawsuit filed by one Daniel Motaung, a former outsourced Facebook content moderator, against the company and its San Francisco subcontractor, Sama says that Meta is trafficking Africans to labor in unsafe conditions in Kenya.

It is claimed in this case that the company uses false and misleading job ads to target poor people in the state, including persons from Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Uganda.

Complaining about the working conditions, the suit claims the employees are not informed that they would be required to view disturbing content as Facebook moderators.

In his case, Motaung claims that the first video he watched was of someone being beheaded and that he was sacked after only six months on the job for attempting to organize workers’ unions. According to the report, employees were suffering from mental trauma because of the type of work they do.The subcontractor, Sama portrays itself as an “ethical AI” company that provides people in places like Nairobi with “dignified digital work.” It also has counselors on-site. However, the report shows workers don’t trust the counselors and neither do their wellness suggestions ever get considered

Motaung stated in the lawsuit that his job was traumatic. “I had potential. When I went to Kenya, I went to Kenya because I wanted to change my life. I wanted to change the life of my family. I came out a different person, a person who has been destroyed,” he stressed

Motaung was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and he was paid 40,000 Kenyan shillings, or around $350, less than promised. According to Time’s story, employees were leaving in droves owing to low compensation and working conditions.

The Nairobi headquarters of Meta informed the Washington Post that it requires its “partners to provide industry-leading pay, benefits, and support.” “We also encourage content reviewers to raise issues when they become aware of them and regularly conduct independent audits to ensure our partners are meeting the high standards we expect of them,” it went on to say.

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