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Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has partnered with Digify Africa to launch the Meta Boost programme. This initiative is aimed at enhancing digital literacy levels in Kenya and other parts of Africa

About the Meta Boost Programme

The Meta Boost programme, run by Digify Africa, offers free half-day workshops designed to help businesses elevate their online presence. The programme comprises nine different modules that cater to entrepreneurs with beginner, intermediate, and advanced familiarity with online marketing tools.

Through this programme, entrepreneurs can learn how to amplify their business’s online presence, define their social media audience, integrate WhatsApp into their marketing strategy, create content on their phones, understand the customer journey, and launch paid ads. Since its inception in 2018, Meta Boost has provided training to over 8,000 entrepreneurs.

Impact on Digital Literacy in Kenya

This partnership is a significant step towards improving digital literacy in Kenya. The Kenyan government has been implementing the Digital Literacy Programme (DLP), targeting all public primary schools in the country. Over 75,000 teachers in public primary schools have been trained in readiness for the project implementation.

The collaboration between Meta and Digify Africa will complement these efforts and contribute to the government’s objective of increasing national digital literacy levels and revolutionizing the country’s digital economy.

In conclusion, the Meta Boost programme is a promising initiative that will not only enhance digital literacy levels in Kenya but also empower entrepreneurs with the necessary digital skills to grow their businesses. This partnership between Meta and Digify Africa is a testament to the potential of digital technology in driving economic growth and development.

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