Meta’s social media platform, Threads, has been facing user criticism regarding its lack of features since its launch. Despite achieving 100 million downloads, Threads is starting to feel like a lighter version of other micro-blogging platforms, lacking key features. Some essential features present on other micro-blogging platforms are notably absent from Threads, causing disappointment among users.

According to a report from SimilarWeb, engagement on the platform has declined significantly, with daily active users dropping from 49 million to 23.6 million within a week after an initial surge.

However, leaked documents indicate that the company is taking note of user feedback and planning to introduce several exciting updates. The forthcoming features include the addition of a long-awaited DM (direct messaging) system, Trends & Topics, and improved search capabilities.

DM Feature

The DM feature on Threads is expected to be a huge success, with users eager to connect with their new friends. Threads is closely linked to Instagram, where most users already interact with their acquaintances, so it’s unclear whether DMs will be integrated between the two platforms. However, the addition of DMs to Threads provides a convenient way for users to engage with their connections, especially as they make new ones on the app.

Trends & Topics

The “Trends & Topics” feature which was revealed in the leaked document is expected to keep users up-to-date on the latest news and trends by presenting them with algorithmically-curated posts from both followed and non-followed accounts. The feature covers diverse topics, ranging from politics and sports to science and beyond. Users will have access to a comprehensive feed offering the latest news and information across various interests.

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Improved Search

Threads’ Improved Search, although a bit disappointing, allows users to search for specific accounts but lacks a hashtag system. Consequently, searching for particular posts or conversations becomes a challenge. The absence of comprehensive search functionality may hinder the user experience and limit the platform’s usability.

Rate Limits

In recent news, Threads has implemented Rate Limits to combat spam accounts. Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri announced the implementation of rate limits, focusing on accounts believed to be engaging in spam activities. While this move benefits regular users who post updates, there is a potential drawback if legitimate accounts are mistakenly flagged as spam.

Threads has the potential to be a successful social media platform, but it needs to add more features and improve its existing ones. The addition of DMs, Trends & Topics, and improved search will be a good start.

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