In a move signaling a shift in the landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) development, tech giants Microsoft and Apple have opted out of taking board positions at OpenAI, the company behind the popular ChatGPT language model. This unexpected decision comes as regulatory bodies around the world increase scrutiny over the influence of Big Tech companies on the development and deployment of advanced AI technologies.

Microsoft, a significant investor in OpenAI to the tune of $13 billion, announced its withdrawal from the board, citing the significant progress made by OpenAI’s leadership in recent months. However, this explanation comes against the backdrop of ongoing antitrust investigations by both the US and European authorities. These investigations center on Microsoft’s dominance in the AI sector and its integration of OpenAI’s services into its core products like Windows and its AI coding tool, Copilot.

Apple, initially poised to join OpenAI’s board, mirrored Microsoft’s decision and opted out amidst the intensifying regulatory pressure. This coordinated retreat by Big Tech reflects the growing concern among regulators regarding the potential concentration of cutting-edge AI technologies within a select few dominant companies. The US Department of Justice is currently investigating Microsoft’s broader market dominance, particularly in relation to its deal with another AI startup, Inflection AI. Similarly, European regulators are examining the exclusivity of Microsoft’s access to OpenAI’s technology. The UK competition authority has also signaled the potential for a deeper investigation.

While Big Tech investments in AI startups like OpenAI are a crucial source of funding, such partnerships raise concerns about potential market concentration. Companies like Microsoft and Apple have already formed strategic partnerships, integrating OpenAI’s technology into their products and platforms.

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OpenAI, in response to these developments, expressed its appreciation to Microsoft for its continued support and looks forward to maintaining their collaborative partnership. The company intends to foster open communication by holding regular meetings with its stakeholders to discuss progress and ensure responsible development of AI technology with a focus on safety and security.

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