mSpy Mobile Phone Tracker offers parents full oversight of all of their ‘kids’ smartphone calls, WhatsApp chats, web surfing, and much more.

In the new and evolving world of technology, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your kids who now have constant access to the web, where literally everything is available anytime.

mSpy is a mobile phone tracker that not only keeps tabs on everything your kid is accessing on the web but prevents potential dangers before they spring up.

mSpy is easy to set up and works entirely in the background meaning the app doesn’t show up as a normal phone app, so a user will never even know it’s installed on their phone. But with mSpy in place, parents can remotely keep tabs on virtually everything that happens on that device.

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It chronicles all incoming and outgoing text messages, including deleted messages. It monitors the phone’s call history. It keeps an eye on all the social media platforms and media files that user accesses. It even offers a physical GPS tracker, so you can know exactly where that your child is at all times.

Whether it’s an Android or iOS device, tracking data is updated every 5 minutes so there’s virtually no lag in your information and all that data is fully encrypted and secured so you’re the only one with access.


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