Netflix’s New Feature Will Automatically Download Movies For You


American over-the-top content platform Netflix has announced a new feature called “Downloads For You.” The feature which automatically downloads recommended shows and movies based on your tastes is currently rolling out on Android worldwide and will roll out on iOS soon.

The feature, which is optional meaning you can turn it off comes with a lot of customizable options for users. Users who don’t want the feature on can turn it off from the Smart Downloads menu, you can allocate specific storage amounts, and even set different storage folders for each profile on the same Netflix account.

For instance, you can set Netflix to use 3GB of space, this is around 12 hours of watch time give or take Netflix says. The Netflix app then displays a bar showing you how much storage has already been used, and how much is available.

Netflix will give you the option of setting a storage limit of 1GB, 3GB, or 5GB.

Netflix Downloads For You

The download feature also only works on a Wi-Fi connection.

How to turn on Netflix’s Downloads For You

  1. Launch the Netflix Android app.
  2. Tap on the Downloads tab.
  3. Hit the toggle next to Downloads for You.
  4. Here, you can decide how much storage space you want to dedicate for Downloads for You.
  5. Tap Turn On.

You can also find the shows or movies that are being downloaded under Smart Downloads.

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